May 13, 2009

Coal Ash for Perry County

While none of the stimulus projects announced so far are going to Perry County Alabama, residents of that Black Belt County are receiving another out-of-state shipment: coal-ash from that horrible spill in Kingston Tennessee. According for the Institute for Southern Studies website:
"Alabama Department of Environmental Management's chief of solid waste, Phillip Davis, said a municipal waste landfill in Perry County in west central Alabama (also) will receive ash shipments."
Coal ash is nasty stuff...full of toxins. Perry County is one of the poorest counties in the state. It lost 10% of its population between 2000 and 2008. The population is almost 70% black. And the TVA is sending the coal ash to a municipal waste dump 275 miles away in that poor Alabama County? Like Tennessee doesn't have any dumps?
[UPDATE: Pennsylvania had already said no thanks. Where is the Alabama Congressional Delegation on this???]


Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for the approval of this action? Where is the Alabama Environmental Dept on this? What has the Congressman said? What about the Perry Co Commissioner for SW Perry Co? Lots of questions?

Lee Cooke
Native of Marion
Austin, Texas

Adam said...

There are plenty of people to blame for this one - the Perry County Commission, for the most part, though. It is tragic that the people (ALL people, black, white, whatever) allow this to happen. It is also tragic that these same "leaders" get elected back into office time and time again. I am terrible disappointed and upset over this decision. STAND UP, PEOPLE!

Adam Hill
Native of Marion

Alabama Land for Sale said...

I have had mixed feelings about the coal ash coming to Perry County. With the governments' promised move toward full disclosure of facts, it would have been great to see the EPA or ADEM come foward with chemical analyses of the coal ash to be published in the local news media. The EPA Director, Mr. Hill, that spoke in Marion last week seems to have forgotten that he is a public servant, even to those of us down here in rural areas. If there is nothing to fear with this ash, I will personally furnish one truck load to spread on the gardens or lawns for the EPA and ADEM directors at their convenience. We will see how that offer goes over.

Jonathan Goode
Resident of Marion, Work in Uniontown