Apr 19, 2012

Dirty Bastard Ale---On Again/Off Again

     The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has struck again...banning a beer because of its name.
      It's Dirty Bastard Ale that's been banned from the shelves.
     You may recall almost two years ago when the ABC folks refused to allow Gladiator Wine from being sold because of the neked lady on the bicycle. 

[UPDATE: as pointed out by a visitor...see the comment below...the ABC has reconsidered and the beer WILL be sold here after all!]

[UPDATE #2: Now the AP reports the beer will NOT be sold!


Anonymous said...

That fine beer should be available in Alabama soon:


Jay Croft said...

Will there be an Update #3?

Like our Guv's constantly changing plans for state agencies, particularly the Department of Mental Health?