May 7, 2012

MMMM # 205: If You Love Movies....

[Update: There really  was a list of sorts when I posted this link, honest!Try here instead of the link below. Not sure what Minnesota Public Radio is up to!]'ll want to read or listen to this list of flicks that didn't get the attention they deserve. 
     It's from the Minnesota Public Radio website, and I came across it--as usual--while looking for something else. I especially agree with The World's Fastest Indian and Pirate Radio.
     Wag The Dog and Network* are on the list as well, though I hardly think of them as not getting attention!
     My photo illustration shows The Rave in Montgomery, but The Capri is the only theater likely to show any of these flicks. They even have a Thursday and Friday Children's Matinee during the Summer.

[*Speaking of  movies with a TV news theme, HBO premiers a series next month called The Newsroom. I love the tagline: How Do You Fix Breaking News? Indeed.]

[UPDATE: Last night's 60 Minutes included the story of two young journalists in a small town who brought down a corrupt sheriff. Amazingly, one of them, a 20 year old, is unemployed.]

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Anonymous said...

Where is the list?

Tim Lennox said...

Click on "This List"...that's a link to the movies.