Oct 21, 2012

Murdoch eyes Two Big U.S. Newspapers

     Rupert Murdoch wants to buy The L.A. Times and The Chicago Tribune, despite the declining times for newspapering.
     Both papers are having a hard time adjusting to a world where there is so much free news online, even though newspapers originate the majority of it.
     Both papers own TV stations, though he would have to get a waiver from the FCC to own multiple stations and newspapers in the same markets.
     Murdoch already owns The Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other publications and broadcast properties worldwide. He shut down his vastly popular News of The World in England after it was disclosed the paper's reporters and editors were hacking people's phones for information, including a girl who was kidnapped and killed. Her parents thought her still alive because her messages were being checked.

[Tomorrow in The Monday Morning Media Memo: some early changes at CBS 8 as we approach the move to the new studios.]

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