Nov 29, 2012

Kettling again this year...

     CBS 8 is working with The Salvation Army again this year, and I was out at Sam's Club this afternoon with a nice couple from Frazier Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery.
     As I experienced last year, people were very generous, and when I joked with the woman below, asking is she was going to eat all of those sugar donuts, she smiled and told me no, they were going to Afghanistan for Alabama National Guard troops!

     Thanks for the support, Cathy Farrell

[P.S. I also spotted Alabama's First Lady shopping at Sam's. Remember, the Governor has not been getting a paycheck all of this time. He promised to not accept a paycheck till unemployment is back to 'normal, so she has a need to save a buck here and there..]

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Anonymous said...

Frazer, not Frazier