Nov 16, 2012

Revenue Sources

     Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange has pointed out for years that the city's dependence on sales tax revenue for operating funds has to change. Montgomery has the highest sales tax in Alabama...10%.
The foot of Dexter Avenue, The Ala. Capitol in the distance.

     He wants to see a property tax increase and a sales tax decrease, though he admits it won't be him actually proposing it, because nobody will support the property tax increase.
     Now the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama is out with a report showing how the revenue split works (or doesn't) for various municipalities.

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Jay Croft said...

I see in this morning's paper that Hizzonor is mandating a furlough for city employees. It's even in the city budget!

Elsewhere on the Internet there's a report that American workers often do not take their full vacation time available.

Something's out of whack here.