Dec 31, 2012


     2013 will be a significant year for Alabama because it marks the 50th anniversary of a seminal year in the Civil Rights Movement.     
     1963. The church bombing in Birmingham, segregation, elections, and court fights. 
     Where are the people who show up in the background of the iconic photos and film of that time? The man to Wallace's left in a dark jacket, who smokes a cigarette and vigorously applauds Wallace's call for segregation now and forever.

 The bus driver who had Rosa Parks arrested died recently. Their time has mostly gone.

     The young boys and girls like those below, who held signs and screamed at incoming black students? Are they still living?

    Did they eventually come to realize they were wrong? the very least on the wrong side of history, and on the wrong side of morality too?
     During this very new year, we'll mark some of those crossroads here. The first one comes next week.

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