May 12, 2013

M(*S)MMM #378 -- Reporting on Alabama

Some Media, from the Outside looking In at Alabama.
  • Bruce Lowry used to work for The Anniston Star and now works for a Northern New Jersey newspaper where he has written an editorial about the Alabama's Immigration Law.
  • The Russia Today website reports rather unfavorably on The University of Alabama-Huntsville plan to deploy drones as part of the campus security plan. Actually, I'm surprised this story didn't get more attention in-state. Will the other UA campuses also use drones?Auburn? AUM? ASU? A year or so ago The Montgomery County, Alabama Sheriff's Office filed paperwork to use drones, but apparently never acted on it before it expired..

  • The Franklin County* Times reports on an unusual collaboration between The Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Bobby Horton this Thursday night at Northwest Shoals Community College:
...a concert program that tells the stories of  (Civil War) soldiers from Alabama, both Confederate and Union, through the music they loved. Music will include traditional songs of the Civil War arranged by Gary Smoke for Horton and the ASO, including “Rose of Alabama,” “Tombigbee River,” “The Battle of Shiloh Hill,” and “Home Sweet Home.”
Through an engaging combination of live music, storytelling and audience participation, communities all over the state will learn about Alabama’s role in the Civil War and the lasting impact of music on the human spirit in the past, present and future.
  • Speaking of Alabama in The Civil War, The Post-Bulletin in Rochester, Minnesota had a nice write-up about Fort Gaines on the Alabama Coast....which the story points out was placed on the list of "America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2011."
[*no, not quite "outside", but almost...some Northern Alabama counties were "loyalist" during the war.]

[The Monday (*and sometimes Sunday) Morning Media Memo is a longtime regular feature of Tomorrow's MMMM will feature what may be a first: a story by a big online news outlet that is 100% based on anonymous comments. Who needs attribution?]

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