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May 20, 2013

The Great Gatsby's Iconic Cover

     The Smithsonian has an interesting background story about the blue eyes cover of the book, which has been replaced in the most recent edition with a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio.
     The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society is meeting in Montgomery in the Fall (He met Zelda here), and their website includes the only thing left of the very first film version of the book...a trailer. Fun to watch, but sad to know that film, like so many others, is lost to time. 

 I talked with Martin McCaffrey at The Capri about that very topic this weekend. With all of the films now being treansfered to digital format, how long will they last? 


Charles Kinnaird said...

Thanks, Tim! I enjoyed both of those links: the one about the Cugat painting and the one with the silent movie trailer.

Tim Lennox said...

Thanks Charles...glad you liked 'em!
tis early TV guy bedtime. zzzzz