Aug 25, 2013

Lee County Rumblings

      Everyone in the media has head about the Special Grand Jury reportedly meeting in Lee County...but there's been little actual reporting on it because..well, because there's not much outsiders actually know.
      That hasn't topped lots of speculation and comment and attempts to connect the dots---like the column in today's Birmingham News by John Archibald.
       Why would  Republican Attorney General Luther Strange recuse himself from involvement with the Lee County investigation? And what can we make of The Montgomery Independent column about Strange? Editor Bob Martin wrote about a divorce and illegalities---quoting a blogger in the state, not exactly the firmest of sources.
     The reports name Matt Hart as the chief prosecutor in the investigation...a man Strange praised when he added him to his staff in 2011:

“Matt Hart is a dedicated and tough prosecutor with an exceptional career of bringing to justice government officials who betray the citizen’s trust by illegally abusing their public positions,” said Attorney General Strange. “I am confident that he will be a vital member of our public corruption team and I am excited about his contribution to the strong foundation we are building to protect the integrity of Alabama.”
        No matter who or what the target is, watch for fireworks in coming weeks.

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