Jan 30, 2016

Saturday Data: The Best Jobs are...

     ...NOT in Alabama. Just below 40% of Alabama's jobs are considered "good jobs", and the state has a lot of company in the bottom ten:

     Read the entire Gallup Report HERE to see the top ten states for "good jobs", how Gallup calculated the state rates, and how your state scored.
     CNN is among the websites that have posted lists of the best jobs---they list "software architect" as the absolute best of the 100 on their list. 
     US News and World Report listed the top eleven best jobs, with Dental Hygienist #1. That publication also breaks down the best jobs into categories in another posting. For example, the best education job is High School teacher, and the best science job is Industrial Psychologist. 
At Ft. Benjamin Harrison, DINFOS
     I've worked for about 15 employers (and had several position at some of them). I'll always say my current job is the best I've ever had. Momma didn't raise no fools. Watch for the autobiography for real scoop. (-: 


   But the U.S. Army must have been among the best since it had me jumping for joy at one point in 1969.

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