Feb 25, 2016

Police Shooting in Montgomery.

   Montgomery police will not identify the officer, or say what his race is, but he shot and killed an unarmed black man early this morning. The race of the officer is significant in light of the series of white officers shooting and killing unarmed black civilians in recent years.
     I was awake, as usual, and followed the incident on the police radio at my desk about 3:00 AM. It started with the officer's garbled transmission that he was chasing someone...eventually he gave his location...and then the code for shots fired. A few minutes later other officers arrived and described the victim's injuries as life-threatening. He died at the scene.
     The officer was wearing a body camera.
     Police will not say if it was operating.
     The officer has a tazer on  him, but did not use it.
     The victim, Greg Gunn, was a friend of Montgomery County Commission President Elton Dean.


 Watch Alabama News Network during the 5:00 (CBS), 5:30 (ABC), 6:00(CBS), 9:00 (FOX) or 10:00 (CBS/ABC) News for a complete report on the day's events. 

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