Feb 27, 2016

Saturday Focus: Planetary Perspective

     I've headed out in cold or heat each night in recent months when one of those "super-moons" have been forecast. They've always been around, but calling them super moons may be new, and we humans love shiny new stuff.
     My purpose it to use by 40x digital camera to take photos of our nearest neighbor in space. The results have been varied, but worth the effort.

   Not bad for a photo from 238,900 miles away. It helps that it reflects the sun's light nicely at night.
    There's a film made on earth that puts the distance between Earth and the other planets in real perspective, not the kind we see in drawn maps of the universe like this one:

 The video is seven minutes long, and it displays the distances by drawing s scale map...on the floor of the desert. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i did. It was posted on The Atlantic video page.

     By the way, there will be six supermoons this year...the first comes up a week from tomorrow...on March 6th. That calculation comes from a website called EarthSky.

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