Feb 12, 2016

The Food Stamp / Drug Connection

     An Alabama Congressman wants to test all people in Alabama receiving food stamps, saying he is being compassionate:

"This is a compassionate way to try and help these people who have issues, instead of turning the head," said (U.S. Rep. Robert) Aderholt, chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees spending for the Agriculture Department, which administers the food stamp program."

     But States have been down this road before. ThinkProgress reports on Tennessee's experience:

"Out of more than 16,000 applicants from the beginning of July through the end of 2014, just 37 tested positive for illegal drug use. While that amounts to roughly 13 percent of the 279 applicants who the state decided to test based on their answers to a written questionnaire about drug use, the overall rate among applicants is just 0.2 percent."

They report similar results in Utah and Florida.

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