Mar 1, 2016

GW Redux? Is Trump Wallace Reincarnated?

But Wallace's appeal wasn't limited to Dixie. In addition to walking away with over a quarter of the vote in Florida and Virginia, Wallace managed to win 14.5 percent in Maryland, 13.3 percent in Delaware, 11.8 percent in Ohio, 11.4 percent in Indiana, 10 percent in Michigan, 9.1 percent in New Jersey, 8.5 percent in Illinois, and 8 percent in Pennsylvania.
In late October 1968, the Wallace campaign even managed to attract 20,000 supporters to a jam-packed rally at Madison Square Garden in the heart of liberal New York City.

                                                                           From an article in "The Week*" 

*I'm still put out with that publication for ignoring a carefully written letter I sent them about their disregarding Alabama in their Real Estate section, in which they feature spectacular homes. Seems they they think there are none in 'Bama.

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