Apr 26, 2016

Join us at 5:00 AM...but NOT much earlier!

    Folks like Olivia, Elissia, Darryl, Jerry and I, who get up at O'Dark O'Clock to prepare and host Alabama News Network This Morning on CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery, may be endangering our health.

     A new study finds an increase in cardiovascular disease in people who work night shifts---though the times studied are not identified in the story from Reuters.

(The researcher)... "said the findings may apply to people who work early morning shifts since they have to get up during the night.
Once researchers have more data...(She)said, they will be able to design healthy work schedules.
"Hopefully we can design schedules that are healthier for the individual," she said.

And the crewmembers too! Don't forget them!
   I want to see how they adjust a  morning TV News schedule. Send sleeping pills to the viewers?

     See ya at 5:00 AM! 

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