Apr 11, 2016

MMMM# 534----Restricted interviews.

     Politicians love restricted interviews...those in which reporters are restricted to questions about a certain topic.
     It happened with beleaguered Governor Robert Bentley in  Mobile last week when WKRG reporters ignored his instructions not to ask about the scandal dominating his life. Watch the video HERE to see Bentley chastise reporters doing their jobs.

     At the very least, reporters should disclose any restrictions imposed on an interview at the top, so viewers can consider whether it is a legit restriction, and whether it impacts the content the interviewee wants them to see. 

     There is only one story involving Bentley now. And it is not his  job creation effort. He should expect questions about the calls for his impeachment in every interview till that is resolved. Every one. And if he wants to squeal about it, then let him do it on camera and suffer the consequences.

   And a tip of Tim's hat to WKRG's  Debbie Williams and Bill Riales for insisting, correctly, that questions about the Bentley impeachment talk impacting his chosen topic---industrial recruitment---are perfectly fair game. The station has posted a transcript online. 

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