Apr 25, 2016

MMMM #536 Lesley Stahl on Bill Maher and Thanks Dr. Oz!


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     Reporters should expect it to be more difficult than ever to get permission to videotape in a hospital soon. A a court found against a hospital because "Doctor Oz" videotaped patients without permission. Oz is far from an actual journalist, but a rising tide lifts all boats...and, as in this case, a falling tide drops 'em all too.


     For the first time I know of, a 60 Minutes staffer was on the HBO show RealTime with Bill Maher. Leslie Stahl talked a little about her book about becoming a grandmother...and, of course...about politics. Watch the segment HERE.

 PLUS: Why do I cringe when I read the manufactured phrase "Alabama Proud"? AL.Clickbait uses it like holy water.  

    "Read about the sisters who make us Alabama Proud!"
Barf...seems like some of the crime and corruption stories they post should qualify for an "Alabama Embarrassed" slogan.


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