Apr 23, 2016

Saturday Data: Trump and Wallace

As Donald Trump marches to the GOP nomination, the media can't stop the comparisons to George Wallace.

     On Friday it was an NPR report.

     This one is much more in-depth than the usual surface column. A good read. 

"It's just a replay," Charlie Snider, one of Wallace's most trusted political aides, told NPR. "We're looking at a modern-day George Wallace."

     And another comparison: Trump now says he was just play-acting during the primary (which Trump will answer the phone in the White House when it rings at 3:00 AM?), and Wallace tried to make amends toward the end of his life.

     Another public broadcasting program--The NewsHour---also featured a Trump/Wallace comaparison late last month, quoting of the the manager of another Wallace Presidential Campaign:

Tom Turnipseed, who managed Wallace’s 1968 campaign and became a civil rights activist, assigned the same motivation to Trump and Wallace. “Fear,” he told The Associated Press.
“You can scare folks with that line that the Mexicans are coming because everyday working people … see Mexicans in the labor market and it hurts their wages — they think of it that way, at least,” Turnipseed said. “Governor Wallace, you know, did the same with African-Americans.”

     In the end, the comparisons come to this: George Wallace was never elected president. Or nominated to be the presidential nominee of a significant party.


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