Jun 26, 2016

1st Pride Event in Montgomery in 6 Years.

     It was scheduled before the Orlando gay bar massacre, but that murderous event added a political edge and urgency.
     Today is also the 1st Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court marriage decision, which resulted in Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore being suspended for reminding probate judges that a state law against same-sex marriage was still in effect. He's expected to go on trial this Summer.
     The heat today was formidable, and the only elected official who had any presence was a representative of the Montgomery Mayor, who was out of town.
     Lots of police present, and no sign of trouble except for a few religious protestors.

Some photos:

Suspended Chief Justice Moore wasn't home, when they stopped by.

Rev. Robert Graetz, Civil Rights Icon

Rev. Bob and Jeannie Graetz

Jeannie Graetz, Civil Rights Icon

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