Jun 22, 2016

Media Extra; Horndog Bentley.

Those of us in Alabama who have followed and reported on the travails of Governor Robert Bentley won't find any blockbuster information in a lengthy GQ article, but there's a nice amount of detail that paints quite a portrait. A good read. The headline:

The Love Song of Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Horndog Governor.



"Whatever Mason's motives—to buck up a governor who she felt needed to assert himself or to win the affections of a lovelorn old man—the ego-stroking worked so well that some people were shocked. “When she became his top political adviser, it was like the Hindenburg came down and fell on the Titanic as the Titanic hit the iceberg,” one person who was once close to Bentley told me. “I was watching a woman who didn't know how a bill becomes a law running the state of Alabama.”


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