Jun 4, 2016

Saturday Data: Trans Bathrooms

     I never lived in a legally segregated community.
     My move to Alabama came in 1976, when there were certainly vestiges of Jim Crow, but no law behind them.
     Leave it to a Talk of The Town column in The New Yorker, of all publications, to mention a Southern fact of life that I had never considered. The item is about North Carolina's fight against letting men and women use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender not of their birth, but of their soul:

North Carolina was more than willing to countenance “all-gender” bathrooms when they served the purposes of racial segregation. Jim Crow legislation culminated in separate bathrooms for white men and white women, but only a single “colored” rest room for African-Americans, whatever their gender.

     I know. This is a difficult, divisive subject, but I have watched enough programs and read enough about it to conclude it is real and not some bizarre scam by boys wanting to get into a girl's bathroom (or vis versa). 
     Watch this CBS Report, for example, about the little girl who knew, at age three, that she was in fact a boy. "How cute" thought her parents, until they were convinced that they actually had a son.

 Or watch this ABC TV report about these two twin brothers, one of them transgender. 

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