Jun 4, 2016

Trump + Ali.

     The New York Times has published a story (pay wall) about the relationship between the men.

"The two men had been friendly for many years, dating back at least to the 1980s. Ali attended Mr. Trump’s 2005 wedding to Melania Knauss in Palm Beach, Fla., and Mr. Trump appeared at Ali’s charity events."

       The Times does not mention another connection. Both men avoided the draft* during the Vietnam War. Ali openly fought the draft on moral grounds, Trump sought and won several exemptions that kept him out of the Army and away from Vietnam, reported Salon:

"Trump graduated college in 1968 and managed to not serve in the Vietnam War as the conflict reached its deadly apex. For some reason this campaign season the press doesn’t much care about the topic and has largely walked away from the model of previous cycles when Baby Boomer candidates were repeatedly pressed to explain their ‘60s wartime years."

   Who actually served in Vietnam because they did not, and did those men survive the war? 

[In the original post, I used the term "draft dodger" to describe the men. I changed it after sleeping on it because while it is true, it is more flame-throwing than though provoking.]

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