Jul 21, 2016

About Making America Great AGAIN...

When was it last great?

TIME Magazine asked that question of people attending the GOP Convention this week, and one of those answering was one of Alabama's U.S. Senators:

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, 69: The late 1950s, when his family got their first TV.

So what was happening in the late 1950's in Alabama? 

Here's what the website of The Alabama Department of Archives and History reports on its timeline:

U.S. Supreme Court decides in Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka that "separate" schools cannot be "equal."
2007 Archives Week Art

June 14: Democratic nominee for state Attorney General, Albert Patterson, murdered in Phoenix City, prompting clean-up of the "wickedest city in America."
October 31: Martin Luther King Jr, of Atlanta is installed as minister of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery. A little more than a year later, on the first day of the Montgomery Bus Boycott he was named president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, a role which made him a national civil rights figure.
2007 Archives Week Art

December 1: Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, is arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a boarding white passenger as required by Montgomery city ordinance. Her action prompted the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott and earned her a place in history as “the mother of the modern day civil rights movement.” Ms. Parks was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor in August 2000.
2007 Archives Week Art

January 30: With the Montgomery Bus Boycott about to enter its third month, segregationists bomb the home of boycott spokesman Martin Luther King Jr. The home sustained moderate damage, but no one was injured. The young minister addressed the large crowd that gathered after the blast, declaring, "I want it to be known the length and breadth of this land that if I am stopped this movement will not stop."
2007 Archives Week Art

Army Ballistic Missile Agency established at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal.
Autherine Lucy unsuccessfully attempts to desegregate the University of Alabama.
December 21: The Supreme Court ruling banning segregated seating on Montgomery’s public transit vehicles goes into effect. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were among the first people to ride a fully integrated bus, ending the historic year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott.
2007 Archives Week Art

Soviet satellite "SPUTNIK" launched to begin "Space Race."
Huntsville-built "Jupiter" rocket places American satellite in orbit around Earth.

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