Jul 16, 2016

Saturday Data: The Fight is On, and the TaxPAYERS are paying.

      Alabama taxpayers will pay the bill for both the Governor's defense lawyer, and the lawyer who will represent the legislative committee that is considering whether he should be impeached.

     At a rate $195 per hour.

     Because if it is one thing Alabama has too much of, it's cash.
     Forget that 85-Million dollar hole in the Medicaid budget, or the perennially underfunded  Departments of public Safety and Education. 
     Pay those lawyers! Both of 'em. the prosecution and the defense.
     How many Alabamians make $195 an hour?
     The average income in the state is 
 Real Median Household Income in Alabama

2014         1 Year Change     3 Year Change
US                   $53,657      +1.04% +0.93%
Alabama $42,830                 -1.65% -1.76%        

About $20.00 an hour, and decreasing.

So some Alabamians is going to have to work twenty hours or so, HALF their work week,  to pay the lawyers for one hour of their work.

Former Speaker Hubbard, convicted of graft.

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