Jul 23, 2016

Saturday Data: The Translation is RIP VHS Tapes.

VHSビデオ機の生産に幕 国内勢最後の船井電機、月内終了

日本経済新聞 朝刊
 船井電機はVHS方式の家庭用ビデオテープレコーダー(録画再生機)の生産を7月末で終了する。パナソニックなど国内の主要家電メーカーは生産を 終えており、船井電機だけが続けていたという。市場の縮小に加え、部品の調達が困難になったため、撤退を決めた。これまで中国…

     Funai Electric, the last remaining Japanese company to make them, announced they will stop producing VCR machines because of lower sales. In addition, they say it is too difficult for them to get parts.

     One reviewer commented that what he misses about the old format tapes is the experience of looking at them in a video store, guided by the clerks, some of whom became experts in odd genres and rare films. 

    Mental Floss reports there is a booming market in collecting VHS movies....so don;t be too quick to toss them out!  

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