Jul 24, 2016

Sunday Focus: An Alabama Lottery.

     When Montgomery's founders established the first public school in the city, they paid for it by using proceeds from a lottery.
     These days Alabama is one of the few states with a ban on lotteries.
     Every now and then, a constitutional amendment allowing a state lottery somehow gets through the Alabama House and Senate and is sent to the people for a vote. 

   That's when the real battle begins. Anti-lottery forces---usually a strange coalition of preachers and people already running some form of gambling in or near the state--- will pay for ads that warn Alabamians to vote against it, with a sudden concern for the poor and less-educated who, they say, will spend their baby food money buying the tickets.
      But Gallup came out with a poll on Friday showing the poor are less likely than the wealthy to buy lottery tickets, and people with less education are also less likely to play the lottery.

HERE is the poll.

     The Alabama House Minority Leader says he will introduce two gambling bills in the 2017 Regular Session in February. One is a lottery bill.

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