Aug 20, 2016

A Hyundai Pickup Truck?

Montgomery is being  considered for production of a first Hyundai pickup truck. The decision to manufacture the truck has reportedly been made, but the location is undecided.

 Truck Trend Magazine reports:

    "Possibilities include the Montgomery plant, which has the flexibility to add a fourth vehicle; Kia’s new plant in Mexico, which has not determined how all the capacity will be used; or it could be built in Korea with a phasing out of the 25-percent “chicken tax” on light truck imports by 2021."

Would Alabamians go for the design? What do you think?

As for "when"? Truck Trend: 
The production-intent version may be shown at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show or 2017 Detroit Auto Show, likely for a 2019 model year introduction.

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