Aug 25, 2016

Millennials at the Mom&Dad Hotel.

  Almost 44% or New Jersey Millennials live with their parents. 44%!!!

     And in Alabama: Not all that much better---33.5%. 

     The report comes from the folks at PEW, and you can see the exact rate for your state there:

 "Multiple reasons are behind the trend, lingering effects of the Great Recession, high housing costs and student debt among them. Whatever the causes, millennials in some states are living with their parents in far greater numbers than in others."
     It is already well established that Millennials aren't as attached to owning cars as previous generations.

     Could all of this be because they are having less sex?
     Which came first, living at home or being less sexually active?...and you can't exactly call Uber to go park and make out (though perhaps there is a new branch of the car-sharing "industry" that is just for that purpose: "Oooober", anyone?

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