Aug 8, 2016

MMMM # 547 --- Teaching Moments On the Road. And Applauding Hillary.

     The State Department of Transportation has installed one of those informational electronic signs over I-85 not far from the Alabama News Network Studios in Mid-Town*
     We reported on the installation process, and I've watched in the past week or so as the sign has been tested.
     First they had it flashing a series of solid colors...traffic light like. Red. Yellow. Green. Repeat. etc etc.
    The next day they had a series of small numbers, followed a day later by a series of small printed letters.
     Now it is letting drivers know it is being tested.

     Since the legislature has mandated cursive writing instruction in the schools, I'm expected to see lines of practice longhand any day now!

* Speaking of: we all know Downtown Montgomery is where the Capitol Building and Convention Center are located. We also know the city refers to the Ann Street/Zelda Road shopping area as "Midtown".
So where is Uptown Montgomery? Pike Road? And all of it is in reverse order anyway, since "mid" town is South of "down" town.


     There was criticism over the weekend for members of the Black and Hispanic journalism associations for applauding comments by Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. TIME
 reported some of the criticism:

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