Aug 14, 2016

Sunday Focus: A Yankee Educator To The Rescue.

“We want the Nick Saban of education...I’m not saying we found that, but he was very interesting from the beginning.”

     State Board of Education member Mary Scott Hunter,
quoted in the Montgomery Advertiser reacting to the narrow vote to hire a Massachusetts Education consultant as the new Alabama School Superintendent. Michael Sentance was not her first choice.

The Portland Press Herald reported Sentance has been seeking a similar job elsewhere:

"Sentance has been a finalist for superintendent in several states in recent years, according to news reports, including Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada and Nebraska."

2010 Per Pupil spending
                       Alabama  $9,642
                       Mass.   $14,754 

What could Alabama accomplish with an extra $5k per student (not that the Legislature will come up with that funding...)?

Salary of previous Alabama Superintendent:  $250,000

Salary of new Superintendent: TBD. The board will draw up a compensation package and vote on it. 

And let me point out we are hiring an Education chief who's last name constantly brings up an error on spell check. Just sayin.


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Jay Croft said...

Can Sentence parse a sentence?

If he breaks a law, will he be sentenced?

Jay Croft said...

Here's a graphic that shows patterns of per-pupil spending, by state--