Sep 29, 2016

Reminder: Alabama has Among Most Corrupt Legislatures

Harvard University Center for Ethics.

"According to the Justice Department, in the last two decades more than 20,000 public officials and private individuals were convicted for crimes related to corruption and more than 5,000 are awaiting trial, the overwhelming majority of cases having originated in state and local governments."1


Charles Kinnaird said...

Why is Louisiana red? Is it off the charts or something?

Tim Lennox said...

From the report:

We received a total of 280 responses. Unfortunately, in some states (Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and South Dakota) only a small number of reporters responded to our survey. Hence while interpreting the results from these states we should be cautious.

Surprisingly enough, we received no responses from Louisiana, which is historically one of the more corrupt states in America.