Sep 25, 2016

Sunday Focus: What changed?

     That was the question people were asking Donald Trump when he suddenly discovered President Obama is a U.S. Citizen after all. What is different now than the years in which Trump was a leader of The so-called "birther" movement?

It is a good question, but not just for Trump.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is ranting about Alabama's poor school test results. AL.COM reports:

"I'm tired of being 51st in this country on the NEAP scores on fourth-grade math," Bentley said. "We don't have but 50 states."
Alabama ranks 50th in eighth-grade math scores, just ahead of Washington, D.C. Massachusetts is No. 1 in both fourth- and eighth-grade math, and ranks high in reading scores.
 So what changed? Mr. Bentley is in his second term as Governor and served in the House before that. The scores of Alabama Public School students were just as miserable then, and maybe  more so. So what changed, Mr. Bentley? What pushed you over the edge and made you decide that the answer is hiring a Massachusetts man as new school super? And by the way, as I and others have pointed out, Massachusetts spends significantly more on education per pupil than we do. Are you ready to provide added funding? And just where will that come from? 

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