Oct 24, 2016

MMMM #558 --- A Thief By Any other Name...

     Wikileaks has become a part of the 2016 election by posting thousands of stolen Clinton Campaign emails.

     So I was surprised to see how CBS News described the group in a story Sunday night;

"Tim Kaine, the Democratic party's vice presidential nominee, isn't letting a targeted threat by WikiLeaks bother him, even as the document-hosting website has ominously promised a forthcoming leak that would hurt the Virginia senator."

     Isn't that like calling Jesse James a cash transfer agent? Or an illicit pawn shop a goods of dubious origin repository?


Headline in New York Magazine

‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get Worse.

Ironically, that story also touches on Wikileaks, but on the way so-called "citizen journalists" are misusing the leaked (i.e. stolen) information. They describe those amateur stories this way:


"....misunderstanding and innuendo and malicious misrepresentation, and it’s doing serious damage to democracy’s ability to function. There’s just no way to have any sort of actual conversation about anything when a very loud, very engaged minority of the population is reacting to bullshit."

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