Nov 4, 2016

Boyd Out at ASU

     Three years after she was hired as president of ASU, Gwendolyn Boyd appears to be on her way out.
     A Board meeting called for this afternoon to discuss "the budget" took a sharp turn that ended with a vote against Boyd, who was asked to leave the meeting. She'll be told next week what the charges are against her, but was told in general that the board had lost confidence in her.
     Boyd's existing contract expires on January 31st, but it calls for negotiations to begin six months before that date---August 30th---if the university intends to renew her contract. 
     I don't know if those negotiations began or not, but Boyd told Alabama News Network she had no advance notice of the vote to place her on administrative leave. See the full ANN report HERE
     Her contract calls for her to move out of the on-campus residence by December 4th, unless an extension is granted.
     You may recall some odd details of the contract, including one prohibiting her as a single person from "cohabiting" in the president's residence with "any person with whom she has a romantic relation".
     A no-shacking-up clause.

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