Nov 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week & Politics at The Table.

     Will you talk about the election on Thanksgiving? Will you ban it? 
     NPR assembled a panel to talk about that prospect and you can read the transcript HERE.

     Perhaps the shocking item in the story has little to do with Trump or Clinton of the election:

So Neiman Marcus was selling $66 collard greens. We wrote about it on The Root - plus shipping.

I kept trying to think of if there were any type of collard greens I would pay $66 for and I couldn't think of any situation where I would do that. But I really felt like these collard greens are for people that have no idea what collard greens are supposed to taste like.
Shipping was $15. So they really were $81 collard greens.
SANDERS: How many ounces of greens did you get for this?
BELTON: You got four Lean Cuisine-sized packages.

     I know there are people who will not spend $66 on an entire Thanksgiving dinner!

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