Dec 21, 2016

Still Divided.

We can't even agree what the top problem facing the U.S. is!

From Gallup:

"Elections or the need for election reform also garnered unusually high public concern in 2016. The 6% naming it the nation's most important problem was by far the highest for this category in Gallup polling history. Mentions were generally higher in the second half of the year -- after the presidential nominees were selected -- than in the first half, peaking at 11% in November. By contrast, before this year's highly contentious presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the percentage citing the election process as the top problem averaged less than 1%. Even in the past presidential election years of 2008 and 2004, just 1% named the election or the need for election reform, and in 2012 the category didn't register a single percent."

The full report is HERE. The Economy? Race Relations? Terrorism? See what other problems we're naming number 1.

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