Jan 26, 2017

Nevada Soars, Alabama Slums

From Gallup:
"Nevada led the way as the U.S. showed strong job growth in 2016, scoring highest among all states in Gallup's 2016 Job Creation Index. The rise to the top spot completed a six-year climb for Nevada, which ranked last among the states in both 2009 and 2010. Moving in the other direction, Wyoming scored last among the states for 2016 -- eight years after topping Gallup's first Job Creation Index in 2008."

ALABAMA ranked fifth...from the bottom. 

      There are only two "right to work" states at the bottom of the list: Louisiana and Alabama. 
But there are eight in the top tier. 

                               IF the "right to work"/anti-union laws are working to produce jobs, Alabama somehow escaped the benefit last year. Alabama passed its law in 1946.

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