Jan 22, 2017

Sunday Focus: Alabama vs North Carolina

     Both states have had coal ash issues.
In NC, Duke Energy had a massive spill of coal ash. People nearby were necessarily unhappy.

Loading rail cars to carry coal ash to Uniontown, Ala.
     In AL, one of the largest waste dumps in the country accepted millions of tons of coal ash from of a TVA spill in Tennessee. Some people in Perry County, where the dump is located, campaigned against the landfill owner in social media.

     The two situations are different, of course, but the reaction is even more different.

      In North Carolina, Duke is now offering one-time payments of $5,000 to homeowners and payment of future water bills if they agree not to sue etc etc.

The cleanup in TN, coal ash headed to Alabama.
      In Alabama, the dump company filed a lawsuit against the protestors for slander and libel. There has been no reported movement in the suit since last Summer.

     January's sea change in Washington may impact the issue, with the EPA about to be operated by an EPA opponent. 

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