Jan 24, 2017

Will The U.S. Be Better or Worse in 2020?

That's the question Gallup has been asking for decades. This time around they conclude:

"Just before Donald Trump took office, Americans were evenly divided as to whether the nation will be better off or worse off four years from now. Forty-eight percent said the country will be better off in 2020, while 46% said the U.S. will be worse off. Optimism is sharply lower than it was just before Barack Obama's first inauguration in January 2009, when 72% said the nation would be better off in four years."

And now after the election?

"85% of Republicans believe the U.S. will be better off four years from now, while only 14% of Democrats feel the same. Independents' views are similar to the national sentiment, with 44% believing the country will be better off and 48% worse off." 

See the Full Gallup report HERE.

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