Feb 13, 2017

Media Extra: Was "The Fix In" at WH Newser?

The Washington Post reports:

     The President took only four questions during an appearance with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today....two from American reporters. 
     Yet neither asked about the status of Michael Flynn on the day that he was the story.

"Journalists besides Borger also seemed to wonder whether the questions had been set up. Several pointed out that the two U.S. news outlets receiving questions were the conservative Daily Caller and the ABC affiliate in Washington, which has taken what The Post’s Paul Farhi described in 2014 as “a subtle but noticeable turn to the right” since being purchased by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.
Trump senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said in December that the Trump campaign and Sinclair had struck a deal during the campaign that involved more interviews with the then-candidate, in exchange for less commentary."

Read the entire Post story HERE

The issue of planted questions is hardly new. Hillary Clinton faced the issue in 2007 during her campaign against Barack Obama.

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