Feb 20, 2017

MMMM #565 Photography, and Fake Sweden News

     The Weather forecast for yesterday morning included fog...usually my cue to go out on a photo hunting safari. But when I woke up about 5:15 the only thing on my mind was a cup of coffee.
     I looked out at the fog as I sipped it, but it wasn't till an hour later that I grabbed the camera and headed down toward the Capitol Complex. I had no trouble parking.
     My photography skill is pretty much  limited to spotting a good shot and letting the computer determine the rest.
     Here are some of the shots I captured:

 It was actually fortunate I waited till later in the morning, The sun rise worked to my advantage


Fake News?
President Trump all but made up some news about Sweden over the weekend. Claiming some big news out of that country involving terrorism and immigrants and...something. CBS News had the full story.

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