Feb 19, 2017

Sunday Focus: The Plane Truth

     Does President  Donald Trump's loyalty to Alabama have any limits?

     Apparently so. He sang Boeing's praises last week, speaking at the company's plant in South Carolina, a huge Boeing jet as the backdrop.
"God bless Boeing," he said

    But Alabama is home to a sprawling Airbus plant in Mobile, and it is in direct competition with Boeing.

An international team: Airbus’ newest A320 Family final assembly line – located in Mobile, Alabama – brings together the skills and expertise from across the company’s global production network, including sites in France, Germany, China, the U.K and Spain

    Trump first really big rally was in Mobile, a fact he acknowledged when he returned to the city after his inauguration.

     I'll leave it up to people who really know the aircraft business to decide which company makes the better planes...but Wikipedia has a huge entry under this headline

Competition between Airbus and Boeing

 Dive in if you wish HERE.

     No president can keep everyone happy.          
     Boeing is a USA founded company. Airbus is European, now with a significant presence in Alabama. And that distinction may drive Trumps' loyalties. 

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