Mar 4, 2017

Saturday Data: Confederate Flag Not Welcomed by Church.(UPDATED)

     A Northern Episcopal Church has decided to ban a confederate flag ceremony from its cemetery.

     The Baltimore Sun has the story.

     The Episcopal Cafe website also reports on it. It quotes the rector of the Maryland* church:

She..."said she wanted the church to get this chapter of its 325-year history behind it." and would not allow the ceremony that in part honors a Confederate sailor who is buried in the church graveyard.
*Maryland remained in the Union, but was a slave holding state and was not included in the Emancipation Proclamation. 

[Thanks to Jay, the official Maryland Correspondent for for sending this item!]

[UPDATE: The ban remains intact, but the church says it was given incorrect information about the SCV listing as a hate group with the SPLC in Montgomery. Jay points to this new story. Thanks Jay] 

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Jay Croft said...

My guess is that the real problem was the use of the Confederate flag in the wreath laying ceremony.

Here in beautiful Frederick MD, Mt Olivet Cemetery--just a mile from my house--contains the grave of Francis Scott Key, writer of our national anthem. Elsewhere in the cemetery, Confederate and Union soldiers' graves are side-by-side.