Mar 12, 2017

Sunday Focus: Doggy Seat Belt Law Uprising.

       Here in Alabama there are still elected officials who oppose mandatory seat belt laws. They say the government has no right to order people do strap themselves in. 
     There was a similar battle when a lawmaker tried to outlaw children riding in the back of pickups, if your can believe it.

     Up in Maine these days, the battle is over a bill that would require drivers to strap in their dogs. And the battle against it no less heated. The Portland Press Herald reports:

The measure would require dogs to be harnessed or tethered in a vehicle, and would prohibit dogs from riding in the front seat between the driver and steering wheel, or riding in the front between a passenger and the dashboard. It also would require drivers to prevent dogs from putting their heads out the window while a vehicle is in motion. The proposed rules would not apply to on-duty law enforcement canines.

     I suspect there is little reason for any Alabama legislator to introduce similar legislation. If Alabamians oppose human seat-belt requirements, they would laugh a lawmaker out of the statehouse for thinking he can restrict residents' God-given right to let his dog hang out the window if his pickup. Or his Mercedes. 

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