Mar 19, 2017

Sunday Focus: The Trump Budget Effect

  Last month Governor Bentley was appointed co-chair of the Delta Regional Authority.
     He praised the agency in the news release from his office:

“I’m truly honored to be selected to serve in this capacity by my fellow governors, and I’m excited to partner with Chairman Masingill in leading the DRA’s initiatives.”

"Established in 2000 by Congress, the Delta Regional Authority serves as a federal-state partnership that works with local development districts, utilizes market-proven processes to grow economic outcomes and enhances the quality of life of the residents in the Delta region."
   Now President Trump proposed budget defunds the agency (and the Appalachian Regional Commission that performs similer work), and Bentley's new position too. 
     And that's not the only impact in the state that handily voted for Trump.
     Meals on Wheels and grants to local arts and cultural festivals will be cut along with the funding for The National Endowment for The Arts and the National Endowment for The Humanities. Click on those links to see examples of their grants in Alabama.
     Yes, there will be additional defense spending that may have an imact where there are military posts or defense contractors. 
[PLUS: The effort to restore some Amtrak service in Alabama likely goes away under the proposed Trump budget.]


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