Apr 21, 2017


A Coal-Fired Plant in Alabama, being switched to gas.
   England is trying to produce enough energy to serve all of its      citizens on Friday without using any power produced by coal fired plants.

The New York Times reports:

If Britain goes coal-less Friday, it will be the first time since the world’s first centralized public coal-fired generator opened at London’s Holborn Viaduct in 1882.
 Meanwhile in the U.S., The White house is trying to increase the amount of coal used. But the winds of change are headed in the opposite direction....Mother Jones Magazine reports:

In some parts of the globe, solar power costs half as much as coal power. By 2025, that could be the case worldwide, on average, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Rail cars filled with coal ash at The Arrowhead Landfill in Alabama. The coal ash came from a massive spill at a TVA Coal-fired plant in Tennessee.

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