Apr 24, 2017

MMMM # 571 ---United's PR Hell & Jenner back on 20/20

     It was a rough month for airline PR People, especially United.

     Gallup has become a leader in teaching companies how to, well, lead. And they wrote:

The company's Shared Purpose is: Connecting people. Uniting the world. Well, it has definitely united the world -- against it. And one of United's "Shared Values," We Fly Friendly, has become a punch line. 

     Read the Gallup article for a "lessons learned" lesson from the United experience. Could it happen to your company?


     Caitlyn Jenner was back on 20/20 on Friday, publicizing her book about the two years since she announced she was no longer Bruce Jenner.
     US Magazine writes:
"The reality star clarified that even though she opted to undergo the surgery and decided to write about it in her new memoir, she “wasn’t less a woman the day before I had the surgery than the day after the surgery, because that did not define who I am as a human being.” Rather, she said, what makes a woman a woman is “what’s between your ears.”
     Tucker Carlson will also have Jenner on as a guest tonight---his first show on FOX in Bill O'Reilly's old timeslot. 
    If you like political insider books, Shattered might be for you. It was written by two reporters who were given access to behind the scenes of the Hillary Clinton campaign...access I'm confident that would not have been granted if the campaign had been less sure of victory.
     A National Review column says the book helps explain why the media was so sure Clinton would defeat Trump: "wishful thinking, Clinton campaign spin, convention wisdom, groupthink and dismissal of contrary indicators."
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