Apr 22, 2017

Saturday Data: 8 of 350

[This is the news release announcing the Alabama winner of a very competitive songwriting contest]

Bob and Sandra
Alabama singer/songwriter Bob Corley of Montgomery is one of eight artists included on
the recently released CD, Songs for Social Change, produced by the Renaissance Artists and

Writers Association (RAWA). Corley’s Song for Belgrade was among 350 entries in RAWA’s

2016 contest seeking music reflecting today’s social problems (available at www.rawa.net.)

According to Doug Watson, head of RAWA’s U.S. chapter, the music on Songs for Social

Change touches on such issues as homelessness, economic inequality, police brutality, racism

and war, and represents a cross-genre’ mix of hip-hop, reggae, funk, world-beat, folk and more.
The lead-off title on the CD is the winning entry, We Are One, from One World Tribe, an

eclectic group of musicians working out of Pittsburg, PA and Buffalo, NY. One World Tribe

features national recording artist and two-time Grammy Award-winner Terrance Simien.

“All of the finalists had good songs,” said Watson. “It was hard to pick a winner.”

Formed in 1958, RAWA is a worldwide movement of artists, writers and musicians

working to restore art to its role as an instrument for social change and awakening. Their 2017
Songs for Social Change contest is accepting entries through Nov. 30, 2017 (www.rawa.net.)

“We are looking for songs that will open people’s eyes to the problems that exist in

today’s world,” Watson said, “and inspire them to make the changes that will build a better



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