May 30, 2017

M(*T)MMM --- # 572 --- WWII Reference on Memorial Day Weekend gets writer fired.

[I'm vacationing this week, so if you note my absence on-air, that's the reason! That's also why this is a TUESDAY Morning Media Memo. Tim]

     Denver Post sportswriter Terry Frei---son of WWII Veteran---writes he is "uncomfortable" with Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day Weekend. He's fired. The Washington Post reported on his apology:

"I do regret people with whom I probably am very closely aligned with politically and philosophically have been so offended. To those people, I apologize. (In fact, the assumptions about my political leanings have been quite inaccurate.) I apologize to Takuma Sato. I made a stupid reference, during an emotional weekend, to one of the nations that we fought in World War II — and, in this case, the specific one my father fought against. Again, I will say I’m sorry, I know better, and I’m angry at myself because there was no constructive purpose in saying it and I should not have said it, especially because The Denver Post has been dragged into this."

Documentarian Ken Burns is taking on The Vietnam War this fall.....

     He's produced documenteries about WWII and The Civil War. Now his piece about the Vietnam war is finished and will air in September. You can watch previews HERE

I will watch it with special eyes, as a Vietnam Veteran, and i am confident that is true of my fellow vets as well.


     The sports reporter who tried to make sports interesting to the mostly not sports oriented NPR audience has died.
     Frank Deford was 78. 
     NPR has a remembrance HERE.

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